Guitar Hero 5 Lets You Import Older Guitar Hero Songs

You liked it in Rock Band, now like it in Guitar Hero, as Activision have announced that the upcoming Guitar Hero 5 will let users import older songs from previous games for use in the new title.

Songs from both World Tour and Smash Hits will be able to be carried over into GH5. Though there's a catch: it won't be free (and Activision haven't yet revealed the pricing for this service). As for your downloaded songs, of the 158 World Tour songs currently available, 152 of them will work right away with GH5, though again, precise details (like which tracks aren't compatible) aren't available.

Guitar Hero 5 Hands-on [IGN]


    Argh, I want to play songs from the original Guitar Hero which wasn't released on 360.


    Why can't you import from GH2 and GH3?

    And before anyone jumps on the "Activision sucks!" bandwagon about the fee for the importing, remember Rock Band did exactly the same thing. In RB's case it was only about $5, I can't imagine it would be much different for GH. Also, this includes the Wii version - something RB didn't bother to do, so it's a first for that system.

    For the DLC that won't be compatible, it's a pretty safe bet to assume the 6 Hendrix tracks won't be available in GH5 due to the licensing to get him into GH in the first place (something about having the Hendrix avatar actually playing the songs, which won't be possible in GH5 due to a lack of Hendrix).

    thats bullsh!t
    haivng to pay a fee to play a game you already about a money grab

      You mean like just about every MMO game out there? Or, indeed, XBox Live or any other kind of subscription-based game service - you have to pay to play all those games you already bought, too.

      But in this case that's not really true - if you've already got GH:WT then you can keep playing that for free. They're not charging you to play a game you've already bought. They're charging you to use that game's content in another game you've already bought :)

        You're clearly on a totally different level to everybody else.

        Comparing this to XBL or a MMO is out of this world. You must seriously be stupid.

        And of corse you can keep playing World Tour - but you ain't gona get anything new OR play any of GH5 on World Tour. Not allowed.

        Only older songs on the GH5 game and only certain ones and yes at a cost! Which does suck, whether Rock band did it aswell or not. It sucks.

    One step forward, two steps back... How in the hell can they justify charging people for paying for stuff they already own?

    Wow, Activision stealing ideas used by Harmonix in Rock Band? Not very surprising...

    I'd rather hear about new ideas in GH that havent been stolen... oh wait..

    That is so dodgy. We've ALREADY PAID FOR THOSE SONGS.

    Or maybe you've just rented it overnight.


    Its a good idea.
    But now you can give GH5 a subtitle.
    Guitar Hero 5: Rock Band!
    Am I right?

    So you're charged again for songs that you purchased previously from other games? That's a nice disincentive for people when they could just switch back their old discs, unless they're desperate to play an all drum instrumentation or whatever.

    Only World Tour and Smash Hits? What about Guitar Hero 1-3?

    Well it's quite obvious why you can't import Guitar Hero 1-3 songs... as they only contain Guitar Tracks... they aren't Full Band compatible...

    Bloody hell you are all a bunch a whiney fuck don't have to pay if you don't want to. It'll be 5 bucks to import, sell your WT game now, and rent it out when GH5 comes...Geeez..

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