Guy Busted For Stealing WiFi At NYC Library — To Play Halo

In a public library, a dude sitting at a monitor with his hands in his lap, covered by a newspaper, implicitly means bad things. Fear not, he's only sneaked in an Xbox to steal the free WiFi and play Halo.

The tumblelog teendrama picked this up: the writer's pal spied the multiplayer shenanigans in the New York Public Library. The guy pictured brought in a monitor, Xbox, wireless router, what looks like a Turtle Beach Ear Force gaming headset (I have one), and an external hard drive. His controller is concealed by yesterday's New York Post.

"He proceeded to play Quake/Halo/Call of Duty, some nerd fighter game, while yelling out instructions to his 'teammates'," says the photographer.

Small wonder then, that it "took him 20 minutes to set it all up. Took him 2 minutes to get kicked out."

Awesome. Grellan Spies a Guy Who Snuck an Xbox [ Picture by dynatrite, at Flickr]


    Seems pretty foolish to 'sneak' into play halo and then commit the biggest sin possible in a library - Yelling.

    instant hero!


    Not sure how he managed to play Quake, Halo, and Call of Duty in only two minutes, though. :p

    10/10 for effort.

    Minus several billion for smarts.

    He may have been kicked out for talking rather than playing the games. After all Libraries don't have rule that dictate that you must be either working or reading.

    Well I guess its better WiFi then his neighbour.

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