Guy Mods Consoles, Could Do 10 Years In Prison

There are some people who modify their own consoles so they can play imported games. That's fine. There are others, however, who do so for reasons of piracy, and commercial gain. Those people are not fine.

27 year-old Matthew Crippen, who is a student at California State University, sounds like he might (might!) be one of those not fine people. He was released on Monday night on bail facing charges relating to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act; specifically, that he has modified "Xbox, PlayStation and Wii consoles". If he's found guilty, he could face up to ten years behind bars.

Since he was arrested after an investigation from the Electronic Software Association - serious stuff - the chances of him having modded the consoles just so he could play Super Dimensional Fortress Macross on the PS2 seem slim. OC man charged with modifying video game consoles [AP]


    Tim Curry compelled me to click this link.

    I really don't care about the story.

    10 years?? There have been murder sentences that are shorter than that.

    How is it that a guy who infringes on copyright acts is facing up to 10 years in prison, but a person who attempts to murder someone, or rape them or what not can get less than 10 years. Well i suppose its a complex situation with varying factors, but still...

      I have exactly the same opinion. Hence why I don't put any shred of trust in a justice system that is corporate-controlled.

      Murder/rape inflicts serious pain and torment on an individual while small-time piracy for profit is still wrong, but all it does is make a tiny (if noticeable) dent in a corporation's profit margin. It's not like it puts the execs and their families out on the streets.

      It's skewed out of proportion; and it's total bullshit.

    I don't actually understand. So what is actually "OKAY" when you a mod a console. What falls under this exactly and what is wrong?

    10 Years, BULLSHIZ!
    The legal system in America, Australia, UK, mostly everyone is down right embarrassing.

    I think its poor enough when murderers etc... do these plea bargains to escape the death sentence or more time in prison. Or they do a bargain to admit but make it manslaughter which straight away means less time in jail. Its DOWN RIGHT disgusting.

    I don't exactly understand what this guy did which was illegal (was he doing it for money or whaa..) but how does doing something like to something u pretty much own, earn you 10 years behind bars.

    May aswell let Charles Manson out right now!

    He's possibly getting a sentence of that length due to it being multiple counts of the crime - if each instance of copyright infringement earns him X many months in prison, and he has say 50 separate charges, those could well add up to a sentence beyond the term of one major violent crime.

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