Halo 3 Still Being Played, By The Truckload, Every Day

We've noticed. Many of you are sick to death of Halo. To a certain extent that's understandable, but then, sometimes you have to applaud the efforts of a game that, two years on from release, is still so damn popular.

How popular? According to Bungie, on average, every single day, there are over 1,000,000 unique Halo 3 users. Over one million. Every. Day.


Halo 3 Still Popular [IGN]



    Cue a bunch of tirades from the usual suspects:

    a) PS3 owners jealous of all hell that they can't play Halo. Probably the same people who plaintively ask "Halo for PS3?" on fora all over the net.

    b) PC gamers jealous that a console game could attract some limelight away from the Chosen Platform. Also, cue some arguments about "dumbing down games for consoles".

    c) Garden variety haters who have probably never played Halo, but feel compelled to tell everyone how much they hate it, and therefore how dumb everyone who does play it really is. These people like referring everyone on XBL as a foul-mouthed 8 year old.

    And no, I don't play Halo 3 online any more. I love the campaign, and will buy ODST, but the pings have killed it for me. I'm sick of playing with yanks who are host, and having my shots never register, and being killed out of nowhere.

      awww no rego QQ :P

      Heh. Jealous I can't play Halo? Not really. Jealous that I can't play a game with voices by Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin and Alan Tudyk? Well, might have a point there...

    you forgot
    d) people who have, you know different tastes and expectations from games

    or your like me and don't care what's happening. played or be played yo

      "you forgot
      d) people who have, you know different tastes and expectations from games"

      I didn't forget. I specifically said "cue a bunch of tirades".

      You don't normally get tirades from "people who have different tastes". Those people are normally content to say "meh" or "horses for courses". It's those in groups a-c that love the Halo bashing.

        It's time those meh people spoke, although that would be a pretty boring meeting with no one to initiating conversation.......

        oh don't mind me, please continue. I want to see hands flailing people!

    @Paul Hudson.

    If you have different expectations/don't care, we shouldn't expect a tirade from you. Therefore, the argument stands.

    It's the rabid-foaming from the mouth haters he's talking about.

    Coming from a Halo fan,

    some people actually don't like Halo.

    It's as simple as that. I don't like to see it or believe it, but its true. There are people out there, who OWN a 360 and don't own Halo or purchased and sold it who don't like the game.

    I question why, cause i find it to be such an incredible game. And the fact that it can atteact so many gamers 2 years on and become the most popular title online ever since, is just incredible.

    But, people do hate halo. Yes A LOT are PS Fanboys trashing the game cause they don't have it. Some PS Fanboys like it too and may own and play Halo aswell. I play Killzone 2 but i'm more Xbox than PS and i used to trash Killzone 1 cause it was kinda a epic fail with the "Halo Killer" it was titled.

    But, admit it people. Halo isn't the most well liked game on the planet. No game is. People like Saints Row and hate GTA. People like Sonic and hate Mario. Halo, Killzone, Uncharted, Tomb Raider. Theres always something to compare it to, whether it be a game or a console itself. A fanboy or what not.

    Halo, IMO, kicks ass. It's probably the best FPS i've ever played with Cod4 closely behind. It's not just the campaigns of all 3 but the multiplayer experience and its capture in the gaming industry.

    Gamers don't like seeing games become so successful that it just owns in sales and charts. But if it didn't then people would complain. People should praise Halo or COD or Killzone for making a dent in online play and that 2 years on for COD4 and Halo 3 its still on top of everyone else new & old.

      Killzone 1 being a Halo Killer? was it titled that way or did some frothing fanboy hyped it that way and Xbots continually hammering that phrase despite the game being pretty amazing for such a platform it was on.

      I don't know if it is just me or not, but I often find it highly perplexing to hear Xbox owners tout how they have an amzing library and that PS3 "sux" because it has no games. But yet you Jay and this article points out that Xbox owners are only playing this one game, Halo.
      Perhaps this mythical game "Halo" is the one game that defines the PS3 as having no games? Or is it simply that Halo is popular amongst the largest gaming age range: the 10-18 age bracket.

    I played Halo once, didn't care for it, to slow of a game. Got an Xbox, didn't care for, weak hardware. I'm more of a stereo guy that why I got a PS3. Great hardware for stereo-audio & video, xbox can't come close. each their own.

    See you can't just roll in "xbox can't come close" then follow it with "each their own"... facepalm.

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