Handmade SFIV Sticks Don't Skimp On The Heavy Stuff

Mekishiko916 likes Street Fighter, and is handy with circuits and a soldering iron. Combining those two, he's come up with these amazing hand-made arcade sticks that aren't just heavy-duty, they're wireless as well.

Being a patriot, he eschews Japanese components in favour of American HAPP parts (though you can ask for Seimetsu/Sanwa parts if you're picky), and there are two variants available, a Ryu and an Akuma.

The sticks are for the 360, and include a rechargeable pack that can be juiced from your console's USB port. And finally, for that extra touch of old-school authenticity, he's measured the exact dimensions of the button layout from the old SFII arcade cabinets and replicated them on the surface of these sticks.

Being hand-made, they're not cheap, with both going for $US190. But hey, for a hand-made, wireless controller, that's not too bad.

Mekishiko916 @ Etsy [Etsy, via technabob]


    So....sexy...must resist urge to buy...

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