Harmonix Workin’ On Rock Band 3

Harmonix Workin’ On Rock Band 3

The Beatles: Rock Band may well be a treat for Beatles fans, but if you’re not a Beatles fan? You’ll be happy to know that Harmonix will next year be back to games with a little more variety.

Asked by MCV whether Harmonix and MTV Games would in 2010 be releasing Rock Band 3 or another “major artist game”, MTV’s Scott Guthrie has said “We’re exploring both—and possibly will do both. The Harmonix development team are working on what is effectively the next game, or Rock Band 3.”

Great! Though we’re actually more interested in what “major artist” MTV would follow up after The Beatles. It’d have to be someone big. Our hearts say Led Zeppelin, but our brains say…listen to our hearts.

Great Scott [MCV]


    • Why should we pay for a game the developers refuse to release in our home country? They do not deserve our support, and unless they get their crap together, they need to be completely boycotted.

      • It’s actually the publisher that deserves your ire, as they are the ones responsible for distribution.

        But then you might find it hard to boycott EVERY single EA published game, as they have quite a few big titles under their belt.

  • If you’re talking veterans then, Led Zep but i’m not so sure.

    Rolling Stones could do it.

    But IMO, it would be a total waste if they did another Band only game like The Beatles. Doing it for The Beatles makes sense. They don’t allow they’re music to be downloaded on iTunes etc.. and as far as i know, i don’t think any Beatle songs are on Guitar Hero or the Rock Band 1 or 2, but i don’t own any of them so i’m not exactly sure.

    But it’s the Beatles! So it makes sense dedicating a whole game to them. Elvis or Michael Jackson could have one, but they’re solo acts, not bands! and you couldn’t experience the whole “being a band” performing there songs cause you cannot feel like one the “members” unless your the singer.

    With Rock Band 3, they really need something different. Especially for sales and success. New drums, better than World Tour drums definitely. Make them resemble the instruments in real life more i say.

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