Haze Developers Say PS3 Technical Issues Impacted Game Design

Free Radical Design's Haze was not a good game. After being delayed multiple times, the futuristic first-person shooter landed with a thud. Part of that can be attributed to the developer's struggle coming to grips with PlayStation 3 hardware.

It's not an unfamiliar story, but one that may explain why the former TimeSplitters devs faltered with Haze. Free Radical co-founder Karl Hilton, now at new home Crytek UK, explains to Develop how "technical issues" affected the final product.

"We hit a few stumbling blocks on it that meant we spent more time trying get the game running properly and less time to design the game properly," Hilton says, lamenting that Haze "wasn't the game it should have been."

Hilton's still up on the PS3, though, despite Haze's critical and commercial performance. He calls Sony's platform a "powerful machine but a difficult one to get the best out of."

And believe it or not, his new employers will get the best out of it, Hilton says.

"We know the PS3 can do amazing things, and no one has pushed it as far as it can go, but I think the CryEngine gives us a great head start on it," he says.

I think the lesson we've all learned from this is that whatever Korn touches turns to shit.

PS3 ‘technical issues' hampered Haze development [Develop via Joystiq]


    It is all very well and good to blame the difficulties of working with the PS3 on a game being crap, but with games like MGS4 and Killzone 2 showing what can be done, this seems like a weak argument.

    Even if there were no technical issues, the fact still remains that Haze had no real substance to it.

    Shit developers blaming hardware as usual

    sounds like a lame excuse for a poorly designed game.

    Cause the numerous delays over the years weren't enough for professionals in the field of gaming to get used to and understand a piece of hardware they are developing a game that would cost millions to make and expected to gross a lot more but doesn't.


    Won't be buying from them again!

    It wasn't poorly designed, it wasn't finished. You can't have a good game if it ain't finished.

    It hardly explains the laughable storyline and pathetic script.

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