Heavenly Sword Devs Ninja Theory Sign On With Namco Bandai

The developers of Heavenly Sword have a new Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game in the works, one that new publisher Namco Bandai wouldn't name at today's Gamescom press conference. But Ninja Theory and Namco Bandai have contractually "shaken hands."

Namco Bandai execs also failed to provide any further details, unfortunately, only going as far as to announce the relationship. While we've known that Ninja Theory was going multi-platform for its next release, we didn't know who would be publishing. It's another move toward expanding Namco Bandai's Western development, something we expect to continue.

What's unclear is how long the relationship is planned to last. Namco has only confirmed it will publish one title from the UK developer.


    if sony havent paid ninja theory why dont they release heavenly sword on 360 as a little warm up before the new game.and perhaps recoup sum of the losses they wud of had developing for sonys console

    My comment is not restricted to the nonsense our western brains concoct rather stupidity across the globe. ,

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