Here's Your Batman: Arkham Asylum Launch Trailer

Well, if our review wasn't enough to convince you, maybe this fancy trailer with other outlets' review quote and scores will do the trick.

Also featured are more of the slow-mos from the combat system, Detective Mode at work and the glorious voice of Mark Hamill as The Joker.

Go, watch, enjoy. And then pick up the game.


    ahhrrrg! I can't wait. Why can't games all be released on the same day? WHYYYY!!?!?!

      I mean, why can't games all have worldwide release dates? I hate the extra week we have to wait, here in AU.

    Poor thing, you have to wait an extra week? Try being in AU *AND* a PC gamer, we have to wait a whole MONTH.

    Didn't you guys promise to stop with all the daily Batman videos? ;-)

    Pre-ordered CE.
    Took time off work.
    I'm all set and ready to go.


    Soon my pretty...


    so your gutted u have to wait an extra week for games.poor australians.perhaps u could spend that extra week in the beautiful sunshine u guys have,afterall it is only a game

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