Hey Capcom, What Did You Think Of Bionic Commando?

While some people cling to the belief that you could wring some enjoyment out of Bionic Commando, like blood from a cold, heavy stone, most people ignored it. Didn't buy it. Why was that, Capcom?

As part of a Q&A from the company's recent fiscal earnings conference call, company President Haruhiro Tsujimoto gave his two cents.

"Our analysis indicates that the game elements were not well received by customers", he said, "and that our management of overseas subcontractors wasn't thorough enough."

Translation: broken game, blame management, blame Grin. Interesting that he'd single out Grin (and Capcom's lack of thoroughness), especially when at the time of him saying this, the Swedish devs were still in business.

It wasn't all doom and gloom for Capcom, however, as Tsujimoto says the company learned a valuable lesson or two from the whole thing.

"Establishing partnerships with subcontractors allows us to absorb their know-how and incorporate it into Capcom's own development process" the bossman said, consoling shareholders. "We will take what we learned from "Bionic Commando" and apply these lessons in the future."


    Essentially Capcom fucked Grin over by forcing them to delay their title to make room for RE5, thereby people forget all about Bionic commando and the marketing dimishes.

    Only one lesson needs to be learned. How to market your games. This is the second marketing failure for an awesome game. How could Okami and Bionic Commando not sell?

    Plmko, you could claim that Capcom fucked Grin over if Bionic Commando was a good game that just didn't get the recognition it deserved, but the simple truth is that Grin delivered a product that was well below par when compared to most other titles.
    Unfortunately what Grin had with BC was a great play mechanic with an ass-load of potential, it just happened to be stuck in a shitty game with crap story, dodgy level design, inconsistent graphics & terrible voice acting (Mike Patton, wtf happened!!?!?)

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