Hey Dudes, Don't Be Dogmeat, Jack In To The Zone

Video game TV shows didn't start with Good Game. Back in the early-mid 90s, before rubber chickens, we would all be "jacking in" to Channel 9's The Zone.

There are many things to admire here. The CCTV style edits of host - and soon-to-be failed popstar - Adam Reilly. The hilariously deadpan reviews from a host of then-magazine editors, including Amos Wong (NMS) and Hyper's Stuart Clarke and Andy Humphreys.

Favourite moment? Around 5:38 when some guy from New Kids On The Block shows up to tell us: "These arcade stick controllers are just that, dudes, arcade controllers."

Part two is just as good. And not just because the clip starts with an ad for Copperart and continues with a station promo for Hey, Hey, It's Saturday!

Part three drags a little, but it does include another station promo, this time featuring a young Larry Emdur. Also look out for Muttley's terminology section. "Tuneage". Remember that word, kids, and it's nothing to do with fish.

Part four has a great montage of random utterances from the show's gaming experts. It's so seamless you'd hardly realise they needed a minute of filler to pad out the episode.

[Thanks Jeb for the heads-up!]


    I haven't seen this since I was eight years old... oh dear.

    Best game show ever - AM*ZING (wherever the * went).

    Actually the best game show in the past two decades.

    best moment - at the start where the words "are you win?" flash on the screen.


    AM*ZING was amazing. Seriously, I got so into that game show and I always got so angry that the kids who went on there weren't familiar with the QWERTY keyboard and had to take so long to spell out words. What was even more frustrating was when a letter was in plain sight but they were still retarded enough to miss it.

    Sigh. Those were the days.

    Anyway, The Zone is rad, although I'm glad we now have Good Game instead.

      The best was when they'd get a real high score on the keyboard but have no clue about how the maze works. They'd waste their entire run standing in the starting area trying to figure out how to get past the mirror doors. Their team mate just has to stand at the exit and accept that they're going to lose.

        Haha, yeah, what a bunch of noobs! Oh, and didn't they have to wear helmets and knee pads or something? Just in case they fell over while in the maze? My goodness, that was some truly memorable shit.

    I remember they had segments showing how to do Mortal Kombat fatalities with the presenters acting it out, so you'd have one guy actually going through the motions such as down-down-LK-up or whatever. My favourite one was the one where one of them turned their opponent into a can of Coke and then proceeded to drink him. Never could quite do it on the real game though...


    Saw this a while back, good lord it's awesome. Though really, anything from the 90's is awesome in my book.

    Despite what they said, this is one of the few internet videos I have watched today where I haven't been holding onto my joystick.

    Part 2 3:37 - "So, are you feeling a tad cramped when ya wacking away at ya lastest game?"

    Ha,ha. I was 13 at the time, so you never know ;-)

    OMG I remember this...never really watched it because it used to be on at shitty times for me :(

    Wow, I would've still been in early primary school when this was on.


    That Muttley guy was the best, I remember this program and one guy from my primary school had a muttley shirt his mum made him.. that is commitment.

    LOL. I remember this show. My favourite moments were:

    - "Sega can save, the Net!"
    - "The days of the gamepad are truly numbered"
    - Reviewing the Megadrive version of Dune II, whilst clearly playing and displaying the PC version. I loved the MD version, but I wonder if they even played it!

    Oh man I loved The Zone! Muttley, Bev, and the dude that left Adam Riley, they were all awesome. I still have some episodes on VHS tape... I've always wondered what they're up to these days.

    we're 15years on and this show was so much better than good-game, it is absurd... still have heaps on vhs..

    all the dudes had personality, and the amount of content they got through made you psyched to go out and buy/rent new games each week.. good-game gives you a bland wikipedia entry on a handful of titles and some poor attempts at humour.

    I haven't enjoyed anything so much today. I had it in my head that Clayfighter was a decent game(it isn't), must have been a leftover relic from watching this as a child.

    I agree that Muttley is the best.
    Can Good Game hire him to reprise his eloquent dissection of idiomatic speech?

    LOL at the memory of our best and brightest confounded in the revolving mirror door on Am*zing.

    Does anybody know where James Sherry is now?
    I was thinking that a good modern update would be to turn up wasted at his place with a stackhat and a super nintendo, try to steal his keys.

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