Hey, Who Else Won Those Copies Of ArmA II?

arma-ii-screen-04Recently we ran a competition to give away ten copies of ArmA II. Last Friday we revealed half of the winners. Now, it's the other half.

As I noted on Friday, the nature of this comp made it problematic to post all the winning entries, as we normally do with our competitions.

It was easy enough to put up all the pics you guys sent in. But the powerpoint preso? The audio clips? The illustrated essay? Not quite so easy.

So apologies for the anti-climax, this time you're going to have to miss out on experiencing your fellow readers' genius. Here are your other five ArmA II winners:

Daniel G Francisco F Paul F Rhys F Silent Ghozt

Well done guys. I'll be contacting all ten winners today.


    Good for those guys, ARMA's a great game and they got it at no cost!

    yay =), thanx kotaku =)


    Damn, shame, i heard that Francisco guy's entry was amazing.

      OK, OK, I'll see what I can do...


    Sick, i cant wait to play this. Thanks so much Kotaku...you guys rock!

    Hey, when are you sending them out?

    Hi, i havent received the game yet. is there a problem? is it just me?

      I believe they were sent out yesterday.

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