Hitler's New Look In Wolfenstein RPG

Wolfenstein RPG hit the iPhone last night with a neat, almost cel-shaded look. I was a bit surprised, though, to see Hitler's new look in the game.

Unwilling, it seems, to keep Hitler in the turn-based title, the developers decided the next best thing would be to create a leader who has lower facial hair than the infamous Nazi. The swastikas too have been replaced with a plus sign.

It's an interesting decision to include the iconic look and setting of the game but to essentially edit out the Nazi references. I wonder if future console and PC shooters from Electronic Arts will get the same sort of treatment.

Are there other regimes that won't be appearing in video games in the future?


    I'm guessing this is for the benefit of German iPhone owners? Can't think of any other legitimate reason.

    If Charlie Chaplin can do a parody of Hitler with two plus signs, I'm sure Wolfenstein can make a single sign work. ^^


    Lets all pretend WW2 never happened.

    That way we can all forget and it can happen again.

    Just take a look at the resurgence of Neo-nazism thats occurring in Germany right now.

    Third time lucky?

    I would say its due to the fact that some countries dont allow Hitlers face or the Swastika to be displayed at all.

    In Australia you cant have a flag up outside your house under similar laws, not because its illegal to have it but because it may incite fear or distress.

    This is less about them ignoring the war as trying to be open to every demographic.
    Like anyone DOESNT know about it, or what happened, and have already formed their opinions..

    Stop making out EA will be the reason for the Apocalypse.. geez.

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