Hitman Actor Returning For Hitman 2?

The Hitman movie sequel is still very much in the early stages.

Twentieth Century Fox has scribe Kyle Ward (Uncharted movie script, Kane & Lynch script) attached to the Hitman 2 script. But is actor Timothy Olyphant, who played lead Agent 47 in the first film, returning to reprise his role?

"It's not on my schedule. If they want me to do another one," says the actor, "I supposed they could have me, yes... What I can tell you about Hitman is that I'm thrilled that it was as successful as it was and it was a really nice opportunity and I appreciate that opportunity."

Oh the enthusiasm! Can you feel it? Can you?

Hitman grossed nearly US$40 million in the US, but did much better abroad, pulling in over $US60 million.

News: Will Olyphant Join Hitman 2? [Latino Review]


    I loved the first one. An 80s action movie in a suave 00s set of clothes. Bought the blu-ray for $10 from the UK, can't wait to kick back and watch it again when it arrives!

    Look it's this simple. Get the guy who voices 47 from the game (He even looks like 47 for god's sake) to play 47 in the movie. Or don't do it at all.

    The first movie was abysmal.

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