Hong Kong Game Mag Puts "PS3 Slim" On Cover

The upcoming issue of weekly Chinese publication Game Wave features what is apparently the PS3 Slim with a blurb that the console is debuting at the end of next month.

What's more, according to this publication, the new console will be first shown in Germany. (We assume at the upcoming Games Convention next week.)

We're not familiar with Game Wave and we haven't seen the actual article in the upcoming issue. All we've got is a tiny picture of what looks like a Photoshopped PS3 Slim and two blurbs. This article could be a round-up of online rumours.

Also, we'd assume that a PS3 redesign would garner more magazine cover space than, say, Gundam.

We're not entirely convinced. Stay tuned. More on this as it develops.

Update: As commenter Kakuki and others have pointed out, Game Wave grabbed this February 2009 fan-made PS3 creation from Flickr for the article.

It's hard to say how using this image affects the article's validity. Though, this article is appearing more like a round-up of online rumours. We will update this post if and when we get a look at the actual article.

[NEWS] GAMEWAVE 第476期經已出版 [CrossMedia]


    MORE than Gundam? Surely you jest!

    thats looks different then the other pics we have seen... it looks like shit

    They've all looked like shit. I still stand by that the current PS3 looks fab. And compared to the PS2, doesn't look or seem like a console that would look good or suits a slim version.

    The PS2 needed it and the Slim made it looks actually, nice.

    The PS3 is already nice. Even the 360. Either in a slim to me, would look weird and ugly. The 360 could do slim better but neither in my eyes, NEED a slim. Unless for sales, which perhaps is the only reason that i would accept a PS3 Slim from SONY.

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