How Accurate Are These TV Ladies' In-Game Counterparts?

In Japan, female TV anchors are not just anchors, they are idols. Worship away!

Adored by males for being classier and more grown-up than your typical pop star (they also know stuff about sports and other stuff), the most popular anchors transcend news-reading and can even become actresses and appear in countless commercials.

Itching to cash in on the female sports announcer appeal, SEGA is releasing soccer management title J.LEAGUE Let's Make A Pro Soccer Club! 6 Pride of J for the PSP.

In the game a bevy of sports anchors make an appearance: Aiko Kaito, Ayako Hatta, Mai Yamagishi, Akiko Osawa, Haruka Washio and Yuri Ito.

How do their in-game versions stack up with the real deal?

セガ、PSP「J.LEAGUE プロサッカークラブをつくろう!6 Pride of J」ゲーム&キャラクタ発表会を秋葉原UDXシアターで開催 [GAME Watch]


    wow... hard to tell which one isn't a real pic on a couple of those


      Except for the last one. The rendering just seems flat-out frightening.

    O my... uncanny valley... in case of modelling problems, make it worser, people can't tell the difference

    i reckon the CGI ones all look like they are straight from a inflight safety video

    Why do they all look like the Joker?

    lol first attractive japanese women i ever see. no offense! they have admirable culture "P

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