How Does The PS3 Slim Really Cost? (In Japan, That Is...)

Well, it is cheaper, but is it cheaper? Sony shaved off more than the price for its new PlayStation 3, the PS3 Slim.

Japanese news site Get News did some number crunching — your mileage may very. Let's dive in:

• PS3 Slim = ¥29,980 (US$318) • PS3 Slim + Game = ¥36,980 ($US394) • PS3 Slim + Game + Stand = ¥38,980 ($US415) • PS3 Slim + Game + Stand + HDMI Cable = ¥41,980 ($US447) • PS3 Slim + Game + Stand + HDMI Cable + 2nd Controller = ¥47,480 ($US505)

For this equitation, Get News factored in a ¥7,000 ($US74) game, which is about what new titles go for, and ¥5,000 ($US53) for a new controller.

As we've already proved, it is possible to stand the PS3 Slim up without that little stand thingy—that's not necessary a must have.

What's more, it's possible to do this sort of number crunching for any of the consoles this generation and drive the price up. Just look how additional controllers can kick the Wii's price up.

Know what would be great? No hidden costs in console gaming. Also, hot apple pie with a slice of cheese. Both would be great.

ちょっと待て! 新型PS3(29,980円)は本当に安いのか? - ガジェット通信 [Get News via オレ的ゲーム情報]


    This just in! It costs money to buy accessories/games :O

      lol Just got the memo! I cant believe it... you mean a second controller costs 'mon-ey'? Not acceptable.

    You can also stand Playing cards, but is that stable?

    I don't think standing the PS3 without stands is a good idea.

    Have u guys factored in the fact that the thing can stand up but is wobblely and will most likely tip over if it has a disc spinning

    Apple pie with cheese? Eww, hope that was supposed to say cheesecake

    Anyone who pays $31US for an HDMI cable deserves to be ripped off.

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