How Many Aussie Dollars Is The PSPgo?

How Many Aussie Dollars Is The PSPgo?

It’s been two months since the PSPgo was first announced and two months until it launches. But we don’t yet have a price in Australia. Why is that?

So we asked Michael Ephraim, head of Sony Australia’s PlayStation business, what their plan is for the PSPgo launch.

“Because of the fluctuation in the exchange rate, we’ve decided to hold off on our announcement until closer to launch date. We will probably make that announcement [soon]so we can start working with retailers and preorders and those things. You are definitely going to see a premium price on the PSPgo as it was announced in Europe and the US.”

In the US, the PSPgo will be $249 compared to the standard PSP price of $170. Given that the PSP currently retails here for $300, we asked Ephraim if he thought AU$400 was a price point they wouldn’t want to go over.

“Well, we want to bring it in as cheap as we can, that’s always our objective,” he replied, letting it fly straight through to the ‘keeper with greater ease than his SCEE colleague, Andrew House, managed a few weeks back..

Retailers traditionally sell gaming hardware at cost price (or thereabouts) because they know they can make money on software sales. But the UMD-less PSPgo is all about digital distribution, meaning those retailers Sony needs to sell the hardware won’t be selling any software for it.

It’s a fine line Sony is treading, and Ephraim is all too aware of how such a device may affect their retailer relations.

“The whole entertainment category is moving towards digital. It’s clearly an evolution, the only question is the speed of that evolution. But even though there’s a lot of noise about it, the numbers are still low. PSPgo is our foot into the digital category. PSPgo will sit alongside the PSP-3000, so we’re clearly saying that it will appeal to a part of the market that is digital-savvy – they’ve moved on from packaged goods to digital. It is definitely our step into that category.”

I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on the PSPgo. Is it an attractive upgrade for existing PSP owners? Or if you don’t have a PSP, is the idea of a digital-only device appealing to you? And, crucially, how much would you be prepared to pay?


  • Id rather own physical copies of my games thanks.
    Id only pay about $200 and thats if I didnt already own a PSP, which I do. $400 for *basically* the same system is bullshit. I could get a brand new Wii or 360 for that. Even so… If I look hard enough both at second hand prices!Id upgrade to digital distribution as much as I want the industry to let the traditional controller for waving my arms around like a loony after I get home from a day of work aka Natal and pals.

  • I’m willing to get a PSPgo, despite having a PSP-3000 already, just for the easy of carry. However $400, which is what I expect it to retail for, it way too much. The price I’m looking at would be $250, if I bought one.

    I’m happy to go digital though, and I’ve already bought a number of games via the PSN. I think the system that Sony tested with Patapon 2 in the US is the best idea so far. That way, we get a physical box of the game that we can show in our collections, and also have a digital copy of the game. And retailers will still make a profit, so they can stop bitching.

  • It’ll be $399, it has to be. One they wouldn’t go more expensive then a Wii and any less is just something Sony in Australia won’t do.

    Personally I still own a PSP-1000 and I’m not changing anytime soon. I’ve got all my UMD games ripped (Yes I did buy them) onto one Memory Stick along with a bunch of Emulators (SNES <3).

    With the PSP Go the games will be charged at whatever Sony wants you to pay for them and despite being digital will stick on full price for god knows how long. Not to mention that you’ll need to download about 1 gig per game and with our crap internet in Austra? Not fun at all.

    Not to mention they made the screen smaller! That awesome PSP screen shrunken back a notch? No thanks.

    Also I don’t think retail is going to be too happy selling a console they can’t sell games with…

  • i think it appeals to those who are always chasing the cutting edge of technology, the wankers who picked up the ipod touch for $550 or the macbook air wont be able to resist but i cant imagine kids getting excited,

    i want it simply so i can comfortably keep a PSP in my pocket all day comfortably, but cant justify it being on my 3rd PSP already and i cant handle controller layout changes,

    a games console without an optical drive is generally a good move though, cant believe its taken so long, die retailers!!!

    i really hope its a hit and the psp store gets an overhaul, surely ps2 games will run on PSP one day…

    • Die retailers?

      So what you’re saying is you want to eventually see the death of hundreds/thousands of Australian jobs and the death of competitive pricing?

      You also want to eventually ensure that gaming stays only to the Cliche of the well informed? What about the newbies? what about the parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles/brothers/sisters that wan’t to buy games for others birthdays/christmas/etc? How will they know what, where and how to buy?

      I suggest you think before you speak so ill of retailers. Love them or hate them they provide a service that is accessible to anyone and keep prices competitive.

  • If I can transfer my UMD games onto the PSPgo then they have a sale. If not thumbs down and I’ll spend my 400 dollars on games for PS3, X360.

  • I’ll be picking this up as soon as possible, it’s a very attractive gadget. There are so many great PSP games that I’d love to play, but I honestly can’t be fucked going down to EB just to buy a game for it – being able to browse and purchase from the comfort of my bedroom has a strong allure.

    As for those concerned about the smaller screen – it’s the same resolution, meaning the pixel density is higher, and overall you get a better picture, in a lighter, sexier unit.

  • I’m going to wait to see what games are available before I even consider buying it. There’s no point in owning a flash piece of hardware if the games don’t stack up.

  • I think the PSPgo is pretty much doomed because of some truly bizarre decisions on sony’s part, let me explain

    Firstly, why bother making the PSPgo now?, why not wait 2 years and put out PSP 2. Obviously Sony wants to cash in on the iphones app market, I read in a G4 article a sony boss even said the psp go would be geared towards small “snackable” apps. But the psp as it is isn’t good enough to take any of the market share away from Apple. The psp is a Gaming platform, not an entertainment device like the ipod or a communication tool like the iphone. I don’t think sony’s fan base will really dive headfirst into apps for the psp, because they have their iphones for that.

    Speaking of fan base, isn’t it a little too late to be making these kinda modifications to the psp?, we are well and truly halfway through the life cycle of the psp. It will be at least another year or so before the services to get psp games will be good enough to gain a fan base, by that time developers will already be thinking about the next psp.

    • Too late for a change, whats stopping the DS from upgrading to a DSi with DS ware titles when it is clearly half-way through its cycle?

      Also whats wrong with making PSP go games now, they can always be backwards compatible on the PSP2, most likely by then graphics won’t change either on these “bite-sized” games because of the megabyte rescrictions.

      • The DSi has a camera, when Nintendo decides to make all DS games download only then it would be the same.

        The problem I see with making games for the psp go is the following, none of the games worth buying are going to be PSP go exclusives, The only thing that the PSPgo will offer that the PSP 3000 cant is crappy apps, the apps market is totally owned by apple, its not worth it to try. What’s persuading psp owners to buy this thing?, the only thing that’s been improved is the price tag

        Are people really going to pay $400 for this thing?, I doubt it. This wont sell.

  • For me, the death knell for the PSPGo was that we’ll be tied to the PAL PSN store despite that it makes absolutely no sense for Australia.

    So many good PSP games either get a release months later or not at all in PAL. It’s fine with the normal UMD system, since the games are unregioned to begin with, but by making it digital-only through PSN, we’re essentially going to be going back to region-locked content.

    And you can guarantee that any game that’s sold at retail as well as PSN will be put in at a premium price which never reduces or goes on sale.

    That’s not even going into issues regarding bandwith and the utterly crap state of affairs regarding broadband pricing in Australia.

    I can’t see any advantage to the PSPGo at all, let alone one that justifies it costing $100+ more.

  • Remember the comments about first adopters paying a premium…?

    $399 AUD. Same price as the original. The retailers will probably throw in a bundle pack of mediocre accessories (Case, car charger, $5 headphones, wrist strap etc).

    Next price revision will see the PSP3000 reduced to $249 and the go the next revision after that down to $349. It puts both as competitors to both DS Lite and DSi.

    I’m in. Have a rev1 lying around somewhere, it’s nice as a rom serving machine, but aside from that the game library is lacking. Maybe they’ll be another Lumines or Every Extend in digital format by November..

  • I have no intentions of picking one up – retailers, knowing that they won’t be the ones selling the games for them will have to stick a 25% mark-up on it just to turn a profit and make it worthwhile. Someone at a GAME store recently told me that they are strongly considering not carrying the PSPGo depending on the price.

    Sony are already pissing off retailers due to a reduction of PS3 units being manufactured for Australia/NZ, and now they are slapping them in the face with digital distribution.

    Sony are going the same way as Sega, imo and will probably be out of the console market by middle of the next generation.

  • The broadband situation in Australia means it is useless and pointless to release PSPGo here

    If ephraigm is serious he should be tryign to partner with IINET, Telstra, optus etc to get PSN downloads free

    Only then is the Go viable in Australia

    I predict an epic failure of this model worldwide. Digital only is fine, but i don’t think that the pricing structure works.

    If retailers are so angry or want to make profit on the product, why not just sell it direct, cut the middle man totally and enjoy total profit.

    If its designed for the hardcore which it is (can’t see a mature age adult buying one of these things and knowing what to do with it as a general joe blow) then the hardcore will buy it direct.

    Think about it

    • Does anyone know how big PSP games are?, i assume the good ones like GOW and MGS are over 1 gig. This sucks for people like me on a crappy data allowance plan

  • I’ve still got a PSP-1000 and see no need to upgrade considering the price of the Go. I’ve got a PS3 and could go buy an Xbox360 with a few games for the price they’re asking for the Go. The 1000 is still portable enough for me and If the games are being released on UMD anyway there’s no point in upgrading.

    However, I do like the idea of the Go, but what is holding me back is the price. I think Sony’s pricing with this is all wrong. They’d sell like hot cakes if they set the price closer or cheaper to that of the DSi.

    • Oh and PS: The PAL PSN store needs to get on par with the american one. Where the HELL is Metal Gear Solid!?!

  • I’d opt for a 360 for that price. I do not see the value in a handheld when it’s at the same price as a full-fledged console.

  • I’ve been contemplating a handheld for a while and the PSP Go has a lot of the features I’m interested in but the final decision will come down to 2 things, price and game library.

    The PSP has got several games I’m interested in but they have to be ALL available for digital downloads before I think about buying it and I doubt I’d pay more than 300 for the machine (thats what ebay is for I guess)

  • I have a psp-1000 that is really showing it’s age and wear, but $400 to replace it isn’t happening, there’s too many other things I could do with that money than buy a marginal upgrade to a system I already have.

    If I did buy one, I would likely buy a US one and import it, and it would be cheaper than whatever price they will gouge us with.

  • Was gonna get one til I read this article and the comments.

    I’d rather have a bigger screen and the more I look at that picture, the more I can imagine my hands cramping up while I’m playing this on the train. Does anyone know if its actually comfortable to use for a decent amount of time?

    Now I’m hoping that the prices for the 3000 drop when this is released, so I can get one of those instead. Or will the PSPgo games not be compatible with the 3000?

    Jesus, I’m so unprepared for this. I think I’ll just stick with Uno on my phone…

  • For a start I wouldn’t get one unless it was a fair bit cheaper than $400. Secondly if there’s no way to copy a UMD game over to this I’d have to see what the online store prices are like. You can get a lot of games pretty cheap from sales at retail stores, and I’m pretty sure Sony will gouge you with their online prices.

  • I have a White PSP 1000 that I brought in Japan in mid-2005 for around $300AUD and I’m not even thinking about the PSPgo. Sure, it’s smaller but what about my $16GB+ in separate Memory Stick Pro’s I own and my 18 UMD Games… It’s just not a big enough update to make the money worth it…

  • as interesting as some of your comments are on the pspgo, i have noticed that almost no one seem to realize that the current psp CAN indeed handle digital distribution. if your memory stick can handle, you can already go and purchase stuff off the psn and put it on your psp. when the pspgo, there will be even more games to choose from on the psn store.

    so sony is basically asking you to fork out $400 for a new psp that can only do digital distribution while your old one can still play phyiscal games AND digitally purchased games. not to mention the screen looks a lot smaller (doesnt look much bigger than the ds’s screen) and it looks like a pain to hold (if its thin that means it’ll feel like its cutting your palm). the only real plus the pspgo has got it going for is its smaller to carry. thats it. digital games? piss off i can already do that, stop using that as your only marketing perspective.

    • here here!

      the screen is actually fairly larger than that of the DS.. but still..

      seriously sony, how dumb do you think people are?

      Also, if you don’t have a massive storage card for your current gen psp – they really aren’t that expensive to buy anymore… i picked up a 2gig pro duo for my sisters PSP the other day at a computer store and payed $28.. 4 gig was only $10 more… so you know… why pay $400 for a whole new system?

      I have a request of Kotaku, seeing as they are so good at getting responses.. i would like to see a sony australia rep address our concerns and see if he can actually come up with a reason to buy the PSP Go…

  • I won’t be buying one. I’m just not a portable gamer. ANd as much as i love Xbox more, i probably wouldn’t rush to get a Xbox Portable either. Even if it had a Halo game.

    But that picture does no justice for the PSP GO!
    I think its a good idea with what SONY are doing, but yeah.

    The PSP is like the PS3 in portable gaming. It offers more than the DS which therefore the price. Nintendo just does everything cheaper & more plastic(er). Lol.

    But yeah i say maybe, $399. They need to at least throw in a game or 2 with it. However it is you actually buy them?

  • Have to agree with most of the other readers here. I was waiting for this as my psp was stolen, but I won’t go near this new one. Smaller screen, tiny storage abilities. I’ll stick with the original that I can whack a 32gb duo in & still buy all those cheap umd seconds.

  • I own the PSP-1000 and I can say straight up that I won’t be buying the PSPGo. The only difference between them is weight, slide-screen and size. I don’t care about the slide-screen, because I’m pretty rough with my hardware, and with weight and size I might as well buy the PSP-3000. It’s cheaper too.

    I’ve got a fairly large UMD library already, and I’m one of those people that likes to have a hard copy of the thing they bought (CD Music forever!) so the PSPGo would not be for me.

    I was so looking forward to the PSPGo as well, now it looks like I’ll be waiting for the PSP2 and hope they stick with the UMD for backwards compatibility, even though there’s cons towards the UMD like power, weight and cost.

  • I think this is really a great step for sony. I have never owned a psp before but i have used them many times before. I think the Psp 3000 is an efficient enough machine but th psp go just sounds completely awesome!! I think a smart price would be from $290 to $350 i think anywhere in that region would get a lot of sales

  • I’ll be buying one. First off, I won’t have to worry about carrying my games around with me and getting lost/scratched. Secondly I only have an EB near me and its hard to get good games (they have lots of Disney and Pixar games in stock) so I won’t have to worry by buying online. Only thing i will miss would be the preorder exclusives like books, music cds and other goodies. Digital is the way of the future. Just like music made the shift games will to.

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