How To Hype A PS3 Game Advantage

If only, for Sony, it was always so easy to argue that the PlayStation 3 version of a game is the superior edition.

When Sony launched the PS3 in 2006, stressing the advantage of games being on the console was certainly was part of Sony's plan:

Flaunt the positives of games being pressed on Blu-Ray discs rather than Xbox 360 DVDs.

Hype the free PlayStation Network in some way.


Instead, Xbox 360 versions of games have taken prominence, showing up at more press demos and often being the ones tied to apparently exclusive DLC. These advantages are not always advertised. The box for GTA IV launched with no mention of any episodes coming to the Xbox 360, for example. But the talking points for Microsoft, console acolytes and those making purchasing suggestions to consumers unsure of which system to buy have been there.

PS3 games seldom bore any stamp of superiority or had any differences about which to even consider boasting. Batman Arkham Asylum is the exception.

On the front of the box is a label promoting the PS3-exclusive Joker levels. And when you open the case and move the obstructing instructional manual, you see what I've shown in the lead picture: More Joker details, promotion of an exclusive PlayStation Home Batman space, and some spin about Blu-Ray quality trailers of the game that's in the case.

What's important here isn't that the PlayStation 3 version of Batman has meaningful advantages over the 360 version. Some people might say it doesn't. But there are differences and they're being noted. Surely this is the message Sony wished it could send years ago?

In retrospect, could advantages have been stressed for other PS3 versions of multi-platform games?


*Burnout Paradise PS3: "Made first for PS3" *Oblivion PS3: "Won't make your disc drive run as loudly on PS3"

Maybe it wouldn't have worked. There weren't many ways for Sony to tout a real or pretend advantage. Unless you can think of some?

If nothing else, the Batman: Arkham Asylum box may stand as an example of what Sony wished this generation was all about but often hasn't been: Sony gaming product appearing to be superior to its competition.


    It used to be that people would buy a Sony machine because of the exclusive titles. Things like Final Fantasy, Tekken, and more. But now we're seeing more and more "exclusives" are no longer exclusive. I think the important thing for Sony is to work on some new exclusive titles which are amazing titles in themselves. It was games like that which sold the original XBOX and helped with the XBOX 360. And it's obvious something horrible has happened to the GT5 development team so close to finishing the game, since that was meant to be out already.

    it's all the hype of marketing. For example I went to EBgames yesterday and saw the brouchure for DSLite & DSi. In the brouchure, it says DSi screen is bigger, accepts SD card, free 1000 points for download, but it failed to mention that DSi did not have the GBA slot, and failed to mention that DSi cannot play some DS games like Guitar Heroes (not even in fine prints).

    what i've noticed from the begining of this generation is sonys lack of marketing muscle for the PS3. Its as if sony were hoping that the momentum of the PS2 would give them the edge over the 360, in a way it would have if the 360 had not come out almost a year before the PS3. Its seem like only now Sony are really trying to actively push the PS3 brand once more, but there is no doubt they are probably going to have to play catch up for a while. The PS3 has been succesful on its own right, don't get me wrong, but i believe that it would have been more so if Sony hadn't been so cocky from the start.

    as soon as i heard about being able to play as the joker, i swapped my pre-order over, so i guessed it worked to some extent...

    now all i have to do is wait until november, when i can comfortbaly stalk around in the shadows with my batarang, NV goggles and rooster hat :D

    Sony thought PS3 would "sell itself" off the back of previous successes.

    Other companies have gone down the same route with their products.

    Commodore, Atari...

    Hard to pony up massive cash for a product you are losing a significant amount of money. Must be a weird paradox to be in, sell more... lose more money.

      You know every company has a product that sells for a lose but is compensated by other products. Its called have a good product mix.

    true exclusives (not the ones M$ pay for) are few and far between, i dont care, im ready for Gt5 and everything/one else can go and get ....

      Umm so DLC you pay for aren't true exclusives?

      GTA Lost & Damned isn't a true exclusive because Microsoft, making a business decision, paid some money to make sure it was on their console only?

      You are true idiot!

      Exclusive, means EXCLUSIVE! A publisher ain't gonna give it away for free. They make money, "M$" as you call them make money also. It's business so get the hell used to it. And you must be real stupid if you think that GT5 is only on a PS3 because they want it on a PS3, its Sony who publishes it (as far as i know) but that all came from MOOOONEY!

    why would anyone pay extra to asplay the joker? ^^ i know, i know, offtopic..


    This article seriously goes on far too long. Okay, Kotaku - we know you love the new Batman game, good for you!

    You don't need a 1000 word essay on about Sony to talk about Batman. It could have easily been dones as, The PS3 has some Joker character exclusive stuff. For once Sony have something to offer for advantage over a 360 port.

    the "play as joker" spin is silly anyway. it will be available as DLC for the 360 eventually....just like spiderman 3's exclusive new goblin character that turned DLC and soulcalibur 4's darth vader/yoda DLC.

    I can see the ps3 fanboys now holding it above the xbox fans heads "I'd rather play as Mark Hamill (The Joker) then a gay biker or whatever in GTA4", bravo Sony about time you started showing the muscle of competitive business.

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