How To Install The Homebrew Channel On Your Wii

Yes, yes, these days the Wii isn't as useful as we'd hoped. As useful as it could be. Unless, that is, you're running the Homebrew channel. Here's how you install it.

Previously, you needed a copy of Twilight Princess to get this working, but with a recent system update, Nintendo closed that loophole. Not to worry. A new one has come along!

Lifehacker have a handy guide up showing you how to install the Homebrew Channel using this new exploit, and reckon from start to finish it should take you around 10 minutes. All you'll need are a Wii, an SD card formatted to FAT, a copy of a file called bannerbomb and the HackMii installer.

It doesn't look too complicated (there's even pictures!), but if you're a total novice&mdashlor the kind of person who truly values their Wii's warranty—you may want to give it a miss.

Those wondering what the Homebrew Channel actually does, well, it'll let you do things like:

- play homebrew games - backup all your Wii games to a HDD - play games via emulator - play backup copies of a game without the need for a modchip

Hack Your Wii for Homebrew without Twilight Princess [Lifehacker]


    Really? It lets you play dvds?

    This is an odd sort of post for Kotaku.. Especially "- play backup copies of a game without the need for a modchip" - name me one person you know who actually does this for reals?

      Fry. ;D

      It also removes region coding. Fatal Frame 4 anyone?

    Ironic how sometimes Kotaku posts about piracy issues in the gaming world.

    Still its Nintendo, they deserve it.

    A warning: Nintendo Germany have been confirmed to charge significantly more for repairs purely because they detect homebrew on systems. This is of course illegal, but keep it in mind when flashing.
    Also, the banner bomb exploit is months old... why post about it now?

    This is kinda bordering the on the line of piracy but Homebrew does have a lot of useful apps. I have it =D

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