Huxley Still Alive, You Can Play It, Right Now

Ah, Huxley. You mythical beast of the orient. Long whispered of, rarely seen, never played. That is, until now!

There's been a closed beta for the Korean MMO/FPS hybrid running on Fileplanet for a little while now, but that's not of interest to you. You probably weren't part of it. You can, however, be a part of an open closed beta (bear with me), which is now seeing anyone and everyone in North America with a Fileplanet account (not a subscription, just an account) given access to the beta.

If you're in Europe or Australasia? Sorry.

Huxley Beta [Fileplanet, via Massively]


    What's the requirement on this thing?

      Oh it's a just a small requirement...just your soul

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