id: No More Monster Closets, Promise!

If you remember Doom 3, you'll remember that the amazing visuals and creepy setting were ruined by two things: too much darkness, and those stupid "monster closets". Looks like id have learned their lesson on the latter.

To those who may not know what they are, "monster closets" were areas of a map where an enemy would be "hidden", and only revealed when the player "triggered" them by opening a door, or walking to a certain point on the map. It was cheap, and quickly became a royal pain in the arse.

So for upcoming shooter Rage monster closets are no more. id's Matt Hooper:

[In Rage]when you're going to the RC-Bomb base [from the demo]to deal with the Shrouded clan they're doing whatever they're supposed to be doing. If they're supposed to be defending against you coming there, they'll be doing that. If they're just tinkering or having a conversation they'll do that. You will never see [a monster closet.]

Good news.


    There was nothing wrong with 'monster closets' or what normal people call it, trigger spawned monsters

      I know, Call of Duty is full of them.

      Agreed. Actually, given the amount of times it was used in Doom 3 I actually started to become paranoid about what would cause monsters to actually 'appear', and I remember at least two or three occasions where I actually passed up picking up a power up because I was scared of beasties attacking and not being able to handle them!

        It was like the in the earlier Dooms. I remember one room you'd enter, pick up a keykard and the walls of the entire room would lift up revealing a much larger room, FULL of Imps and Cacodemons.

      Its just a cheap way to startle you, like all the sudden loud noises in Dead Space. Repeatedly spawning enemies in areas players have just cleared is annoying enough, but in Doom 3 they would spawn in ridiculous little boxes that didn't even make sense in the context of the world.

    I'm just playing through Dead Space now (a bit late, I know, but money is tight). It really wouldn't be the same game without monsters spawning right behind me at potentially any time.

    If you walk into a room, kill a few things, then know it's empty for good, where is the suspence?

      Like Resident Evil. When theres music, theres baddies. When the music stops you know all the baddies are dead.
      Or Gears of War, it plays a chime when all the enemies are dead.

      Monster Closets are in every game.

    From what i can gather, these are TWO DIFFERENT GAMES and GENRES.

    Doom is meant to be scary. So these random monster closets, which i haven't experienced as i've never played that much of Doom 3, make sense to have in a horror game.

    Rage is like, hmm.. Adventure/Shooter. Maybe even RPG, i don't know that much about Rage though. I mean it has COLOUR! Doom, not so much.

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