Id's Having A QuakeCon Fire Sale On iPhone Games

If you couldn't make it down to Texas this year for QuakeCon 2009, you can still enjoy the fruits of id Software's labour. At least the low-hanging iPhone fruit, that is.

Two of id's recent iPhone releases can now be had for cheap, with Wolfenstein 3D marked down to $US0.99 and Doom Resurrection marked down to $US2.99.

If you consider that to be appropriate pricing for an iPhone game, then you'd better make those purchases snappy. Those mark downs will only last as long as QuakeCon does. It's all over Sunday.

id's other new iPhone release, Wolfenstein RPG, can be had at the regular price of $US4.99, if your pockets go a little deeper.

Keep an eye on the QuakeCon liveblog for more exciting news than this.


    great price for a great game....the only problem that...i don't have iphone.... :(

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