If Only There Were PS2 Games On The PSN...

Do you dream about things? We don't. Dreaming is for dreamers. We prefer to spend our spare time thinking merely of things that should be, but are not.

Which is where these new kind of Kotaku posts come in. This is a fantasy; an idea, a mock-up of something that we think should exist, but for whatever reason, does not.

Today? Today it's PlayStation 2 games on the PlayStation Store. With the launch of a new dashboard yesterday, we're reminded that Xbox 360 owners have at their fingertips not just a catalogue of current generation games, but a selection of downloadable games from the previous hardware generation as well.

And while there are some good ones on the list, playing old Xbox games via download isn't that big a priority, since most of the original discs still work in the 360. But the PlayStation 2, well, take a look at that selection up there. With most PS3's lacking backwards compatibility—and packing at least 60GB of hard drive space—a store selling classic, downloadable PS2 games would turn Sony a tidy profit.


    I never owned a PS2 but have a PS3 and I would love to play God of War, Shadow of the Colossus, etc. I would much rather this then free music video downloads.

    Here here! 100% agree that if Sony are not going to give backwards compatablity to PS3 owners, they should definately office PS2 game downloads from the PSN store. It would even make them money!!!!

    If they can get these games working on PS3 then why not offer the emulator as well download so that I can use my disk instead of downloading a few gigs of data?

    Im fairly sure that the reason this hasn't happened is because the majority of PS3's out there cant actually run PS2 games in emulation and dont have the hardware to do it.

    But im sure it would make Sony alot of money.

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