If The PS3 Is A Formula 1 Racer, What Is Xbox 360? The Wii?

According to this Japanese news show, the Xbox 360 is an expensive foreign car. The Wii? It's a go-kart. Look at that kid! He's gonna have a blast.

Courtesy of Japanese television. Thank you Japanese television.


    If the PS3 is an F1 car, the team manager is an alcoholic who spends more time in the VIP tent getting into the free booze than bothering to hire decent drivers.

    No, X360 is a Ford Pinto, it is a perfect analogy:

    Company tries to beat competition to market with a new product it rushed through design. They knows it has serious (and potnntially fatal) design faults, but still sells the faulty product to customers, as the cost of fixing the cause of the problem is greater then dealing with its effects (RROD warrantee for Microsoft, wrongfull death claims for Ford)

    Oh, the PS3 is a McLaren F1 (Fast, Expansive, but tricky to drive), and the Wii is a lotus (Lightweight cheap and chearful fun, but slow in the straits)

    Ahh the 360 is more like a F-22 Raptor.

      I really can't see how that analogy works at all. I don't recall the F-22 having RROD problems...

        Also, the original PS3 is literally the same size as a Formula 1 car.

        Excellent point.

    I have never seen an F1 Car with only 2 wheels

      Lol me neither

        Lol me neither

        Lol me neither

        Nor I!

    ...And how can the cheapest console be the 'expensive car'?

    Only one of them you can actually drive on the street.

    F1 = fast yet expensive and useless.

    GoKart = fun yet underpowered.

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