Indie Games Festival Kicks Off In Melbourne Tomorrow

Indie Games Festival Kicks Off In Melbourne Tomorrow

state-library-victoriaFreeplay is an indie games festival that focuses on the creative and artistic side of making games. It’s happening in Melbourne this Friday and Saturday.

The event, which takes place at the State Library of Victoria, incudes sessions on everything from iPhone development to DS homebrew, art, education, criticism, chiptunes and even workshops. Petri Purho, designer of Crayon Physics, will be giving the international keynote on Friday afternoon.

Freeplay organiser Paul Callaghan told Screen Play this morning that:

“Freeplay is all about looking at the creative side of not just games, but the broader digital culture and media. It’s a showcase and exploration of art and creativity. And it’s about getting people together. Our audience is made up of indies, professional developers, students, educators, artists, and gamers, and we’re one of the few events where they’re in the same space, and where we encourage them to interact with each other.”

Tickets are just $20 and are still available. Check out the rest of Jason Hill’s chat with Paul Callaghan here.

Freeplay [official site]


  • If it wasn’t for prior engagements and an exam I’d be working that event as part of the State Library crew haha

  • Was thinking about going when they first announced. I went to one a few years back, was pretty fun and educational. Seems like they have downgraded in terms of venue and speakers this year (Greg Costikyan was there the year I went, and Jon Blow the year after).

    Maybe if it gets bigger for next time again I can justify the flight over.

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