Inside Dubai's Sega Fun Park

Sega's massive new Middle Eastern fun park opened its doors earlier this month, and already, die-hard Sega fans have popped in, cameras in hand, to see what it's like.

And it's... well, it's less of a fun park, more an over-sized arcade, as aside from a few large rides the focus appears to be squarely on game cabinets and merch. Which is a shame, as for Dubai we were hoping for something pointlessly crass and over the top, but then commercially, it also makes a lot more sense.

These photos were taken by Sega fanboy Hend, with his gallery available for viewing over on Sega's Flickr page. Not available for viewing: pictures with more than five people in the shot.

[Sega Republic @ Flickr]


    i went to the one they had in sydney. was pretty good at the time

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