Interplay Classics (i.e. Fallout) Now Available On Steam

Valve announced yesterday that five classic Interplay titles have been released on Steam. Well, six if you count the fact one of them is a bundle offer.

Most people will head straight for Fallout. Or Fallout 2. Or Fallout Tactics. Or even the Fallout Collection, bundling all three. That's cool, Fallout's all the rage right now.

Me, I'm heading straight for Kingpin. The ultra-violent FPS is a forgotten gem, and it's great more people will get the chance to try out one of gaming's most gratifying lead pipes.

Oh, Sacrifice is also available, if the above titles are a little too...dark for your tastes.


    Man, I remember my brother and I getting Kingpin when it first came out. Crowding around the screen to look at the gory gory violence. It felt so wrong and so right at the same time.

    It's interesting how in my mind's eye I remember it looking amazing. Just as good as anything out nowadays. But looking at that screenshot I begin to call my memory into question. That looks ass.

    I might get Fallout 1 and 2. I never played them and since I've fallen deeply in love with Fallout 3, I think it might be an idea to dive a bit deeper into that world.

      You will find that Fallout 1 & 2 are infinitely better.

        I'd call them different rather than better. Each game has good parts and bad

    I remember enjoying Kingpin until like the last level, when suddenly everyone was able to survive direct RPG hits. That sort of blatant "difficulty for the sake of being difficult" really ruins games for me.

    I managed to make the smart decision and get the Fallout collection pack with 1, 2 and Tactics, today i walk in to EB and see Fallout and Fallout 2 both for seperate sale....both for $20 which is what the collectors pack cost me, sheesh.

    Im playing my PC games on a 40" 1080p screen these days, something tells me these old-school games are going to make my eyes cry...

    I wonder if there is some magical scaling technology inbult into these new ports to make them look amazing on our new monitors.

    Ok Im officially talking crazy talk now.

    Hmm lets see: steam tied, overpriced, sod all extras and dollar = euro for the europeans...

    Nah I think I'll stick with the versions, us$6, DRM free and comes with manual, 2 sets of avatars, screensaver, 2 soundtracks, reference card, fallout production bible & 2 sets of wallpapers. And thats just for Fallout 1!

    They've also got Kingpin but it has bugger all extras. Still DRM free and cheaper though.

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