Is PS3 Slim Slower Than PS3 Phat?

Yes and no, say some comparison videos that hit YouTube yesterday. In the startup (above) and DVD loading, you see the Slim marginally trails the Phat. But in starting and loading Batman: Arkham Asylum, it's faster.

DVD Comparison - PS3 Slim vs. Phat

Batman: Arkham Asylum - Game Bootup and Level Load

The Slim's bootup doesn't include the jingle and the Spider-Man font splash screen, but the level load also is faster, so the absence of that probably isn't why the Slim's faster in this test. But who knows.

It makes little sense that the new unit would have a different, slightly underpowered motherboard, so the rumour is that the two configurations might have different hard drives. The maker of the comparison claims both consoles use the same hard drive. It could also be a firmware issue. Who knows.

But look! Look at that! Why the Phat is practically done with the FBI warning before the Slim even shows it! Seven seconds saved! Go Phat! Go!

PS3 Slim Slower than PS3? [Sankaku Complex, thanks Sanjo]


    Could this also be something to do with the signal from an amp to the tv aswel? I noticed this was done on a Samsung. I know they are really great tv's but when hooked to an amp, on some models the signal lag (samsung loses the signal for a few seconds) is unbearable. Maybe both consoles are equally fast but one puts out a weaker signal?

    I had at one stage turned on my ps3, but tv and amp were off. You would think the ps3 booted up already, but I only actually got the startup sound and screen AFTER I turned on the amp.
    (which means the ps3 waited for something to display itself on? lol) I dunno..

    Anyway GO PHAT!!!

    Would you say, in gaming term the slim is slightly faster? The way I saw in the DVD play, after the FBI screen toward the end, there's only slight delay from the slim to show the 'expression statement'.

    So no more chimes and the Spiderman PLAYSTATION 3 font? Damn I like that - I'll stick with my PHAT. Or will Sony remove this onces the 3.0 firmware kicks in?? I hope not, I like it

    After all it is still a game system, so I'll go for the one that load faster in games.

    Actually, the word on the grapevine is that the slim uses a lower quality BR drive.

    Perhaps it's to do with the cooling system? The slim has less room for heat dissipation and less efficient cooling and therefore runs a little slower to drop the heat output as all smart hardware does these days?

    Considering how much "timing is everything" with the PS3's Cell architecture it's absurd to conclude that the chipset is downclocked.

    In any case, a small <25% downclock would have negligible effect on the thermal profile.

    Take a look at firmware and boot process to find the answer.

    I hope they don't remove the jingle from game start ups in the phat PS3 models; I really like it.

    Lower quality BD drive seems to be at least part of the issue.

    I predict a lot of PS3-slims needing to be placed upside down to read disks, 12 months +1 day after purchase...

    Does it matter that the "Slim" version is a few seconds slower in loading? Sure if it took over an hour to load then sony would have a major problem on their hands. You probably wont even notice the difference.

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