Iwata Hints At New Marketing For DS

Following this week's sour, but not unexpected, news of a 40 percent drop in hardware sales, Nintendo chief Satoru Iwata seems to be taking DS marketing in the direction of a personal device.

The shift would mean they want the unit to be seen as something everyone should own, not shared among a family. Basically, it means Nintendo wants everyone in the world to have a DS, which might seem obvious, and is an ambitious way to expand what analysts had seen as a somewhat saturated market.

Techradar's digest of a Nikkei article (subscription only) said the marketing will portray the DS as personal device "like a mobile phone," but I wouldn't take that to mean it's gonna get those capabilities sometime.

Kotaku AU Note: New? Hardly! This is what the "i" in DSi actually stands for.

Nintendo Wants to Sell DS to Everyone on Earth [Techradar via Cubed3]


    I thought the "i" standard for Idiotic - as in the people who buy the DSi are idiotic because its not a huge advancement over the DS (oooh 2X 0.6MP cameras... wow...)

    If the DSi2 does make calls, and maybe comes with TV/radio tuner, I'd upgrade from my light in a heart beat.

    if DSi has 2x6MP camera
    plus 3x Optical Zoom
    plus Built-in Flash
    plus WPA compatible with all old games
    plus better pico chat
    plus better resolution screen
    plus can make voip calls
    plus support mp3 (instead of just aac)
    plus cheaper price
    then I may consider upgrading my DS phat.

    If the DSi had larger screens, better sound output, 4x the ram of the Lite, an SD slot, the ability to swap games without turning it off, and was lighter, then I may consider upgrading my DS Lite.

    Oh wait...

    Since they took out the GBA slot I wouldn't be able to play most of my portable games, including DS Arkanoid & Space Invaders Extreme via the jog-dial attachment -sooooo, ...Nintendo can go jump in the lake!

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