Japanese Phoenix Wright Musical In English!

The all-female-musical troupe Takarazuka Revue has already debuted its stage version of Phoenix Wright. We've already posted the clip. But that was in Japanese.

Now you can check out the musical with handy English subtitles!

Takarazuka has decided to go with the game's English language character name, Phoenix Wright, instead of the character's original Japanese name, Ryuichi Naruhodo. The ace attorney is being played by actress Ranju Tomu.

The Revue's musicals range from the traditional (Guys and Dolls, Oklahoma!) to anything but (stage versions of Oliver Stone's JFK, Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby).

The Best All-Female Japanese Musical of a Nintendo DS Game You'll See All Day [Topless Robot]


    that... was great.
    *day complete*

    The male characters being played by women just doesnt work for me...
    I am not sexist or anything. It would be the same if Francheska Von Karma was played as a man.

    I thought the musical was really awesome. I've been eagerly awaiting for someone to put the musical up since i saw the previews. Arigato

    Ranju Tom, performed Phoenix Wright, will hold a concert titled "R"ising!! on Sept. 2-10, 2010 in Takarazuka, and 15-17 in Tokyo.
    She's quite the dancer. I think it'll be very exciting.

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