Japanese Retailers Making Peanuts Off PS3 Slim

A Japanese retailer claims to its shop will only be making ¥700 (US$7.40) on each PS3 Slim sold.

The reason for this, it seems, is buying the consoles from Sony and then selling the console at sticker price. We don't have any data other than this and do not know how the PS3 Slim compares to other newly launched hardware in Japan and aboard.

If anything, brand new hardware seems like a money pit — everyone is banking on software sales. We're confident as the PS3 Slim ages, it will become profitable for retailers and Sony. Be patient!

有限会社サーバー  旧型PS3本体・販売価格 [Game Shop Help Blog via はちま起稿]


    I worked for an Australian retailer.. the original 360 pro used to carry a profit of less than $10 too..

    If you think retailers are making anything off of any console in any country you are kidding yourself..

      Yeah, I used to work in a large retailer as well, and I was surprised how little money was made on the consoles (PS2 and XBOX at the time). Sale prices were below cost and take a loss! Apple is notorious for this as well with their IPOD's and so on.

      Its all about the add on sales and repeat sales... extra games, controllers, a remote, that crazy over priced stand!! Thats where the cash comes into it! Probably why the Wii does so well... a friend of mine who now works in a gaming chain said the profit margin on the Wii was crazy good compared to Sony and Microsoft... so you know which console he was pushing all the time and recommending!!

      I dont know what the japanese retailer is complaining about, because I dont know about the rest of the world, but as far as i knew there was always next to no profit on the actual consoles... and hey... at least they arnt taking a loss on the console like the actual manufactures do most of the time!!

    Agree pretty much anyone who buys a new console is bound to pickup an game and probably a controller. That seems to be where the real money is anyway.

    Then perhaps you could explain online stores like catchoftheday selling Wiis for $199AUD and DS lites for $99AUD?


      Bullshit? Dont be such a tool.

      Ask yourself why there are such low quantities ie 100 or so units? Have you heard of wheeling and dealing? Have you heard of promotional give aways, ie buy a container load of utter shite (which makes up the majority of what you see on those sites) and we'll throw in the odd gem here and there.

      plmko you are a little naive...it is one of the oldest marketing tools to sell high visibility goods (Wii) at a huge loss (being a loss-leader) in order to increase traffic through your store/website with the goal of making a profit on other goods in the long term.

    Catchoftheday is basically selling those items with a very small margin as well - but because of their business structure, they KNOW they are going to sell out their stock of 200 wii's and 100 DS Lites. So they are able to price accordingly.

    What other retailer has that luxury? Of knowing your going to sell out during that 1 hour that the product will come out.

      Not even close..

      They are making a massive loss on these units..

      Ever heard of economies of scale? Major retailer by consoles in the 100,000 units at a time.. this gives buyers the power to negotiage a better price from the manufacturer.. even if its 50c a unit..

      CotD probably sent their staff to a JB or a Dick Smith store and ordered them from retail.. Nintendo would laugh if they rang them direct..

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