Japanese Store No Longer Buying Old Xbox 360 Consoles

This sign was spotted in front of a Japanese game shop and states that the store will no longer be buying back used Xbox 360s that went on sale before August 2007.

The poster tells customers how they can check the serial number on their machine's date. The store will buy Xbox 360s will the dates 2007-09-01 and onward. It's not yet confirmed how widespread this is or if this is merely an isolated incident.

The Xbox 360 went on sale in Japan on December 10, 2005.

無念 Name としあき [ふたば]


    I've heard EB australia give you more based on the date (ie, newer model).

      Xbox 360 models made in 2006 are given less than models made from 2007 onwards. It's funny, really; broken consoles traded in also come under the 2006 model SKU.

      So if your console is a 2006 model, you'll be getting the same for it as a broken one.

    Yes it does, i went and did a trade in the other day at EB and if your model is before 2007 they give you about 40 bucks for it. which is not even close to worth it.

    Should've shopped around, GAME offers $100 for 20gb consoles... and there's no provision in our system for the old ones or not.

    The reason its dropped is the lack of HDMI port, noone wants to buy a 360 without a port, all 360s made after the date in question come with one...

    Really, $40 is more than its worth when they would not be able to resell it.

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