Japan's Games On Demand Are Different To Yours

You've seen which games will be made available on the American and the Australian Games on Demand service when it launches on a 360 near you. But what about Japan? Japan's games are different.

Here's the list, which eschews games like Fable and Assassin's Creed in favour of some games with a more... Japanese fare.

Idolmaster Idolmaster Live 4 U Viva Pinata Need for Speed: Most Wanted Perfect Dark Zero Bullet Witch Fight Night: Round 3 Rainbow Six: Vegas

Each of those games will go for ¥2000 (USD$21), which might be a challenge for Microsoft, since you can find some of those games used for under ¥1000 (USD$10). Then again, others will be bargains!

As with everywhere else, Games on Demand will launch in Japan on August 11.


    Hmm... I wonder if you're able to play these games on other region consoles? After all, those [email protected] games are normally region locked (THANKS BANDAI NAMCO FOR REGION LOCKING A GAME YOU DON'T SELL ANYWHERE ELSE!)... I've already got a Japanese live account (from when the Biohazard 5 demo went up), and the points are easy enough to get... hmm...

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