Jenny McCarthy Signs On To Shill Your Shape

Hey guys, the list of celebrities endorsing Wii fitness games just got a little longer today, as Ubisoft has signed Jenny McCarthy as its Your Shape spokesface, presumably in hopes that people will think she knows something about fitness.

It seems to be a winning formula for Wii fitness games thus far, as Majesco has tapped into the celebrity fitness power and abdominal recognition of Jillian Michaels. As has Sega, with trustworthy fit person Daisy Fuentes endorsing the publisher's Pilates software. EA Sports seems to have done alright with its no-name covergirl, as has Nintendo with its shapely green silhouette woman, but a little fading fame never hurts.

Ubisoft's not afraid to endorse, as My Stop Smoking Coach with Allen Carr has shown. We'll see if Ms. McCarthy enjoys the same success with Your Shape, due out this Christmas.


    'The camera that comes with the game is so great you just PLUG IT IN, and it WORKS LIKE THAT!'

    Uh yeah, it's called plug-and-play for a reason.

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