Journalists In Video Games — An Anniversary Celebration

One year ago today I started officially blogging for Kotaku. What better way to celebrate this anniversary than by ticking off a list of journalists that appear in video games?

I got going on this idea because my first night on the job for Kotaku — covering a Godfather II event — I sliced my foot open and spent the next week limping from junket to junket. But whenever I thought I had it bad as a games journalist, I'd always remind myself that journalists in video games usually have it way worse. They wade through zombies, deal with emotionally unstable people and more often than not wind up on the front lines of wars and stuff. They're the ones that deserve a bottle of Cristal and a hug. But instead, they get this photo gallery.

Taylor — Suikoden 5 [Image Cred]

Irene Ellet — Valkyria Chronicles [Image Cred]

Frank West — Dead Rising [Image Cred]

Elena Fisher — Uncharted [Image Cred]

Joseph Schreiber — Silent Hill 4

Keith Helm — Disaster Report [Image Cred]

Ben Bertolucci — Resident Evil 2 [Image Cred]

Ulala — Space Channel 5

Everyone — Michigan: Report From Hell (never came out in North America) [Image Cred]

Madison Paige — Heavy Rain [Image Cred]

Laura Parton - D2

Keats — Folklore [Image Cred]

Maya Amano - Persona 2: Eternal Punishment

Alyssa - Resident Evil: Outbreak [Image Cred]

I give honorable mentions to the news announcers in King of Fighters 12, the sportscaster characters in any sports game ever and one to Reuben Oluwagembi in Far Cry 2 (couldn't find a good enough picture of him). Other than that, these are all I've got — hit me up in the comments if you think of more. Owen Good nominated Paperboy I assume on grounds that he would have been promoted to copyeditor by now, but I don't know...

P.S. I still have the cork from that bottle of Cristal in my purse. It reminds me of everything that's happened in the last year and how much of it I owe to Kotaku. Here's looking at another year of blogging!


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