July's Top-Selling PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade Games

There are sales charts for the US, sales charts for Japan, even sales charts for Britain, Australia and the PC, so why not for downloadable games on consoles? Why not indeed. So let's take a look.

GamerBytes have posted the top 10 selling games for both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade for the month of July, with the PSN a single chart for the month, while the XBLA list is broken up into four weeks.

And what do you know. Battlefield 1943 is dominating.

PSN: In-Depth: North American PlayStation Network Sales Analysis, July 2009 [GamerBytes] XBLA: In-Depth: Xbox Live Arcade Sales Analysis, July 2009 [GamerBytes]


    N+ ... #2 one week, #8 the next and then out of the Top 10.

    I find this hard to believe. I swear everytime i actually give it some TLC, no one to freaking play with online. Can never find any games.
    And for a game thats over a year old, whats with its high placement? Was there a discount sale perhaps?

    TBH, it's a rather disappointing list on XBLA. Some of the titles are fairly old.

    Wait. Metal Gear Solid is available on PSN? Since when?

    Am i blind, or is this not the Australian chart?

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