Kid Napped In PSP Deal Gone Bad

What's it they say, "You never hear about a drug deal gone good?" Same for selling games. In this case, an unhappy customer took a Utah teen for a ride when the PSP that changed hands didn't work as advertised.

The suspect's now in custody, so, this ends well. But it began badly, on Saturday, when a 17-year-old sold his PSP to one Jose Eduardo Espinosa-Arellano of American Fork, Utah, who took it home and said the thing didn't work right.

He went back to confront the seller and demand his money back, but for whatever reason, that wasn't happening. So Espinosa-Arellano said, "Let's go for a ride," and the kid, saying he was defusing the situation but really lacking some common sense, went along.

That ride went for about 30 kilometres up the road to Salt Lake City, while the victim texted some friends to say, well, whatever was said, certainly the message began "OMFG". When the driver exited the interstate and came to a stop at a red light, the victim bolted and ran to a gas station.

"The suspect made comments to him were very concerning to the victim," a law enforcement spokesman said. "He felt like he was in grave danger, and that's the reason he jumped out of the car."

Espinosa-Arellano was arrested and taken to jail. He could face kidnapping charges.

Police: Teen Trying to Reason with Man Before Alleged Kidnapping [KSL-TV]


    Idiots in the world +1

    AHA so he actually got in the car, without force? After a dude whos obviously angry that something sold to him doesn't work, or isn't working the way he wants it to.

    +1 to both for idiotic minds.

    Unless, the dude did actually force him in the car.

    how is it kidnapping if he went along?
    and why a car ride? I would have just beat up the ugly, cheating kid.

    Kaiden - if I may - you're an idiot.

    What you said was just stupid.

    Secondly - and more specifically - the picture shown was that of the 'kidnapper', not the boy who was kidnapped.


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