Konami Sales Suck When There's No Metal Gear Solid Around

Konami just released their quarterly earnings for the period April 1 to June 30, 2009. And across the board, sales are way, way down. Wonder why that could be?

Yeah, you guessed it; this time last year, people were buying millions of copies of Metal Gear Solid 4. This year? People aren't buying Metal Gear Solid 4 any more, and Konami had little else on offer to make up for it.

This time last year, the company's digital entertainment division (remember, Konami do more than just games!) raked in ¥44.9 billion in net revenues. That's including sales of console games, online games, card games and arcade units. But for the last quarter, that was down to ¥24.6 billion.

The gaming division's operating revenue is worse reading, down from ¥13.2 billion this time last year to just ¥1.5 billion in the quarter just passed.

Bear in mind this is just for the quarter; Konami's main breadwinner, Pro Evolution Soccer, won't be out until October, though it's decline in quality relative to EA's FIFA in recent years surely has Konami execs worried these bad numbers will continue throughout the year.


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