Korean Diablo III Site Reveals Fourth Character Class

Korean Diablo III Site Reveals Fourth Character Class

It looks like the Korean-language version of Diablo III may have jumped the game a bit on confirming another character class for the upcoming Blizzard title.

The page dedicated for the game’s character classes showed the Barbarian, Witchdoctor, Wizard and Monk, though the final, still unconfirmed class, didn’t show any additional information when it was clicked on.

It should come as a surprise that the Monk appears to be coming to the latest iteration of Diablo. The Monk was a playable class in the original title along with the Barbarian, Bard, Rogue, Sorcerer and Warrior.

I suspect we’ll be getting some sort of official confirmation on this in the coming hour or so with Blizzcon just moments from going live.

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    • You are correct, however, the hellfire expansion also had 2 hidden characters along with the monk, the bard and barbarian, that could only be accessed by editing the files.

      Both used the graphics of the original classes (bard was rogue, barbarian was warrior), and the bard could dual wield one handed weapons, while the barbarian could carry two handed weapons in one hand and a shield in the other.

  • How embarassing to have such a blatant mistake. But yeah, Steven is right. Diablo only had the Warrior, Rougue and Sorcerer. The barbarian only came along in Diablo 2.

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