Korean Game Trailer Likes Halo A Little Too Much

South Koreans are renowned for many things, but when it comes to games development, adhering to copyright laws isn't one of them. Latest case in point: this trailer for Sudden Attack.

While the gameplay looks a little "been there, done that", it's not the only overly-familiar thing about the trailer. That music sounds awfully familiar...

[Sudden Attack]


    I'm betting MS will have a lawsuit on this very quickly...

    Do they not have Counter-Strike in these countries?

    I don't really mind the Plagiarism so much (i'm sure others do) - it's a form of flattery right?

    The thing that gets my goat is the total lack of originality. Obviously it's not supposed to be (original), but you think they might surprise themselves if they tried something new for a change!

    Uh that looked nothing like Halo? It looked almost identical to Counter Strike 1.6 with a little touched up graphics, but not Halo.

      They weren't talking about the gameplay, they were talking about the fact the music was the Halo theme.........

      Did you even read the news post? DIAF

    I really don't get Korea. They're a weird bunch.

    South Korea doesn't seem to give a rats when it comes to the music industry either.

    Netizens are quick to find 'similarities' to foreign bands when a kpop artist releases something new. In the last week alone there have been claims two kpop artists have plagiarised McFly & Snoop Dogg.

    The only thing I know about this game is that the kpop/khip-hop band 'Big Bang' have (premium?) characters modeled on themselves.

    They also recorded voices for it seen here & apparently contributed music to it too, so I'm surprised* they didn't use one of their songs for it instead.

    * ...Not really - I just wanted an excuse to talk about Big Bang *ducks head*

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