Kotaku Approval Ratings Delivers 56% Negative For Wolfenstein

In our inaugural Kotaku Approval Ratings this past weekend we sampled your attitudes on games due to release, and two or more years old. The results are in, and they weren't kind to Wolfenstein.

Our poll covered attitudes about Wolfenstein, which dropped on Tuesday, and then four multiplayer console exclusives from gaming's class of 2007, plus three multiplatform games released around the same time. More than 15,000 of you responded, which is impressive, and I know you'd like to see the results. So here they are:

1. Based on what you've seen and read, would you stop playing your current game to start playing Wolfenstein?

Yes: 23 percent (3,593 responses) No: 56 percent (8,711) Undecided: 21 percent (3,357) 15,661 total responses

2. Based on what you've seen and read, do you plan to purchase Wolfenstein?

Yes: 18 percent (2,361 responses) No: 55 percent (7,233) Undecided: 27 percent (3,586) 13,180 total responses

There's not that much to say here, other than the Wolfenstein reboot has failed to really capture the imagination. The fact that 56 per cent wouldn't put down whatever they're working on now to play it is a very strong negative. And another 55 per cent who say they wouldn't buy it means a hard verdict has already been reached, and was likely formed well before the question was asked.

3. Is Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii) still worth playing?

Yes: 38 percent (5,201 responses) No: 40 percent (5,422) No Opinion: 22 percent (3,000) 13,623 responses

We're going to tweak this type of question this weekend because, as a reader pointed out, "still worth playing" implies that the game was "worth playing" in the first place—a value judgement the respondent may not share. But for now, the general feeling is that Brawl, nearly two years after its release, is played out.

4. Is Team Fortress 2 (PC) still worth playing?

Yes: 65 percent (9,042 responses) No: 15 percent (2,050) No opinion: 21 percent (2,896) 13,988 total responses

Valve's commitment to keeping Team Fortress 2 fresh with consistent updates has given the franchise an enviable reputation for quality. It's 15 per cent "not worth it" score was the lowest of any title surveyed last weekend, which includes Modern Warfare and BioShock.

5. Is Warhawk (PS3) still worth playing?

Yes: 16 percent (2,313 responses) No: 37 percent (5,351) No opinion: 47 percent (6,759) 14,423 total responses

Some might have felt Killzone or Killzone 2 should have been here. Here's the problem. Killzone is on the PS2, is four years old, and lacks the multiplayer scope of shooters in this group. Killzone 2 is barely six months old, and this grouping was calling on games from the class of 2007. The same problems left out Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2, as Res 2 went out last November and moots Resistance, which is a year older than the games in this grouping. So we were left with Warhawk as a kind of imperfect representative of a PS3 exclusive from two years ago, and the shoulder-shrugging 47 per cent no opinion shows. It, rightly or wrongly, points up the PS3's most glaring weakness in the release window surveyed: Catalog size, especially in exclusives. We'll revisit Warhawk later, but promise that questions in the meantime will reflect more of what PS3 gamers are playing right now.

6. Is Halo 3 (360) still worth playing?

Yes: 43 percent (6,472 responses) No: 41 percent (6,069) No opinion: 16 percent (2,366) 14,906 total responses

In light of one million unique users still playing this game's multiplayer every day, Halo 3's narrow "Yes" plurality can likely be attributed to polarised views about the title's perceived importance, or lack of it, to gaming at large, and its close association with both Microsoft and the Xbox 360. In other words, a fanboy effect. Again, this is an unscientific survey with opt-in respondents coming from a specific readership, so no one expects 100 percent. But we're very opinionated around here, and these numbers seem to reflect more a weariness with the game's exposure than its quality of gameplay.

7. Is Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (any platform) still worth playing?

Yes: 69 percent (9,197 responses) No: 19 percent (2,504) No opinion: 13 percent (1,713) 13,414 responses

Modern Warfare pulling the highest "still worth it" rating is likely a no-brainer to many. But where the full-bore Team Fortress multiplayer experience is only available to PC gamers, Modern Warfare emerges as the multiplatform standard-bearer for multiplayer shooters. How Modern Warfare 2 pushes this number will definitely be worth watching later in the year.

8. Is Assassin's Creed (any platform) still worth playing?

Yes: 34 percent (5,029 responses) No: 49 percent (7,252) No opinion: 16 percent (2,425) 14,705 responses

Repetitive gameplay and the pending release of Assassin's Creed II are probably what is dragging down a game that was, generally speaking, still favourably reviewed during the time of its releases.

9. Is BioShock (any platform) still worth playing?

Yes: 69 percent (10,765 responses) No: 21 percent (3,232) No opinion: 10 percent (1,573) 15,570 responses

Interestingly, the final question got the second-most total responses, just 100 fewer than the first. It suggests a heavy participation by folks who wanted to vote, scroll down and comment and not spend much time in the middle. But BioShock still tied for the highest positive rating of any of the seven surveyed - even two years later, singleplayer only, and with a sequel on the way soon. The landslide response speaks to the game's depth of experience and enduring impact on games as an art form.

Those were last week's questions; we'll have a new batch of Kotaku Approval Ratings questions for you this Saturday. To all who participated, thanks.


    Good. Wolfenstein looks shite.

    "Killzone is on the PS2, is four years old, and lacks the multiplayer scope of shooters in this group."

    Other than low graphics and barebone online network, what is this game lacking? It has DM, TDM and Objective play etc, all for 16 players which also has bots included. To top it off there is split screen mode.

    So how is Killzone for PS2 lacking?

      No space marines.

    The Halo one was probably effected pretty heavily by anti-halo/MS folk. I have no idea why people get passionate against games. FOR games I can understand, but against? Don't like it? Don't play it. What's it to you if other people play it? :/

    All that being said, I don't play Halo 3 anymore. But I don't play UT anymore either. The two are related, I'm just growing out of that bunny-hopping hyper UNrealistic gaming. TF2 is crazy unrealistic but much more fun and I still play on and off. My next big XBL passion will be BF:BC2... can't wait!

    Bioshock I played through once and haven't really felt like playing through again. The story is engaging the first time but to me the game doesn't offer enough to go back.

    Just as many people can be bored with Halo 3 as those who are cynical enough to degrade it on an online voting poll.

    Since you're not questioning the motivations of every respondent, it's a little remiss to assume that there's a large anti-fanboy/fanboy contingent at play.

      If we lived in a perfect world yes but this is the internet. Remember the hubhub over the user score of Gears 2 on metacritic before the game was even released? I truly believe this is no different. I haven't frequented any gaming forums in the last 6 months or so due to time constraints but I doubt little has changed in this time. There's always been an animosity towards certain IP's with Halo hate leading the charge.

      And given the Halo 3 still holds the top 3 positions for (weekly) games played on live... I think my theory has some merit.

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