Kotaku Approval Ratings: The RPGs, MMO And Otherwise

No secret we have console- and shooter-heavy preferences here. But one genre, antipodal to run-and-gun action, but still found in heavy rotation, and with a long tradition on the consoles, is the RPG. Let's see how you feel about them.

Again, you will not see the results of these polls after you vote. They will close tomorrow at 7.30pm U.S. Mountain Time (11am AEST). We will publish the results and an analysis the following Thursday evening.

Thanks again, and here are this week's questions:


    awwww nothing about warhammer online?

      Perhaps they want to ask about MMO's whose unrefined engines don't make your computer want to explode


      Seriously, I was in the closed beta for like 6-8 months. The retail game had the same tech problems as the beta builds :(

    obviously RPG's can tell story's like no other genre because you go along with the story for instance in modern warfare your on the outside of the 4th wall looking in and in RPG's (at least the ones i play) the 4th wall present but its as if your in the room tho

    Love Fallout played SO much, i bought oblivion and wana play it but theres no cattorgory for "want to play but disc is scratched...:("

    deep, dude

    i interpreted 'want to play' to also mean 'have already played'.

      Interesting. I interpreted "want to play" to include "have played and (would) still want to play". I've played Persona 4, but if I hadn't I would still want to play it so I said yes for that one. I have also played World of Warcraft and have no desire to do so again, so I said no for that one.

    Ive clocked Fallout. And I still want to play it. I don't think whether you have or can is relevant. Whether you want to is the question. I love that game.

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