Kotaku Approval Ratings: Wolfenstein

Let's try something a little different. While unscientific, I've long toyed with the idea of a tracking poll of our readership's posture over time on certain games.

And while this method of feedback is open to spamming, fanboy manipulation and all sorts of other bad behaviour, let's put it out there and see what happens. If it proves useless or gets abused, we'll end the feature.

Approval ratings are a concept most closely identified with, of course, politics, and how the governed feel about the job being done by their leaders. I'm not going to ask your opinion of publishers, as nearly everyone has some negative feeling toward them, but rather about games.

Kotaku Approval Ratings will examine, at at least attempt to, your mood about certain games prior to their release, immediately after their release and review, and then periodically thereafter.

Additionally, it will ask for the readership's long-term posture on some multiplayer games, exclusive (or with content exclusive) to certain platforms, and multiplatform singleplayer games, all roughly two years old or older.

Like the question "Do you approve of the job so-and-so is doing," this doesn't ask for anything deeper than a gamer's feeling about a title, either long established, or currently in the news. "Worth playing" is in the eye of the beholder, whether that means "still worth playing" for you, or "still worth playing" to others and the gaming public.

The results have been hidden from view to discourage voting for a specific result. I'll report the percentages next week when the tracking poll continues.

As certain games enter the news, or as certain trendlines become uninformative, other games will be rotated in and out.

Already then, time for the first Kotaku Approval Ratings polls. These polls will close in 24 hours 7:30 p.m. U.S. Mountain time, tomorrow.

For starters, your feelings about Wolfenstein:

And now, your feelings on some older games:

Thank you! These results will be reported next week, with another set of questions.


    Brawl is always worth playing! Two friends and i had a full blow, items on high 99stock battle that took three hours.

    We used characters with crappy final smashes, DK mario and lucario.

    Yes brawl is worth playing!!!!

    Nice polling idea.
    My quick two cents on Assassins Creed: Assassins Creed was worth playing once for ten minutes until you realised the entire game was the same. Assassins Creed 2 will be identical. Don't buy it for gods sake. If they had set it in the rainforests of Peru and you had to swing around like George of the Jungle killing poachers and wild animals I would totally buy it. Im talking tree climbing and active stealth in the foilage. What other game has tree climbing?

      I think you're judging ACII prematurely: there's more to do (think Da Vinci inventions).

      Saying that, I've just totally written off Wolfenstein and I've seen shit-all of that in action compared to ACII.

        I'm pretty sure AC2 is going to be another tech show like the first - sure, it was gorgeous, the production values were huge, but it's another case of art design imbalancing against gameplay. AC had all the making of genius, but they wrecked it with questionable design ideas, the replay value was terrible. It was one of those games where you just stop playing and watch the ending on youtube. I really don't think it's worth a buy, at least at first release. Maybe a rent or two, or when its in the bargain bin in a few years?

    bioshock is allways worth playing. i got it on both platforms and love it, great game.

    I actually play Brawl pseudo-competitively (with a competitive attitude but don't attend tournaments), and I've racked up about 200 hours playing it...more than any other game I've played, really.

    I also like the single player Stadium modes =D

    I think you should have clarified.

    Is Halo 3 still worth playing? to whom? me? or are you asking me if I think the game deserves the ANZ most played every week in australia?

    I finished it once, I wish I didn't care about getting achievements but I do. so I might play it again. I now head to battlefield 1943 for my online shootan' fix

    I cant wait for Wolfenstien.

    OMG NAZI ZOMBIES! thats almost as awesome as the greatest battle of all time from Saints Row 2... Pirates VS Ninjas.

    I cant wait for till Wednesday. :)

    Of course TF2 is worth playing! We just got a new gametype with two new maps! For free! :D

      Yea, i second that, always updated and never really gets old. Always acheivements and stuff too.

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