Kotaku Australia Goes Mobile, Again

Kotaku has given in to peer pressure like the gaming-geeks-to-the-cores we are. You’ve been asking for it and now, thanks to the folks over at BlackBerry, the new and improved Kotaku Australia mobile site has finally arrived.

Compatible with all major handheld browsers, Kotaku mobile will feature the latest Kotaku articles, as they’re published online. So to get the mobile mini-us on your phone, enter m.kotaku.com.au into your browser and start reading. Just be sure to tell us how great it is to still get your gaming fix on the road.


    Technically... shouldnt it be the folks over at Research In Motion? :P


    I can now read Kotaku AU whilst taking my morning constitution at work!

    Thanks Kotaku :)

    Hey guys, mobile site is looking nice. Just been playing with it on my iPhone - two suggestions...

    Add a thin margin to the article detail page - just to stop the left hand letters bumping into the edge of the screen.

    And as a regular reader of Kotaku, Gizmodo & Lifehacker I am familiar with their icons. A single row of slightly larger (finger friendly) icons along the bottom would suffice as the links to the sister sites, rather than multiple lines of links. Seems disproportionately large compared with the rest of the page.

    Keep up the innovation.

    It's not bad but there's no textbox for me to put comments in.

      Looks gooD! I like the images in this version! As Kotaku is AWESOME enough to have a link straight from my iPhone home screen could you wrap up a nice little K icon? The zoomed in screengrab just isn't cutting it!

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