Left 4 Dead 2's Latest Campaign Takes You To The Fairgrounds

During tonight's episode of GameTrailers TV, Valve have shown for the first time, footage of one of Left 4 Dead 2 's hitherto unseen campaigns: The Fairgrounds.

Bright lights, screaming, rides...it's everything you expect from zombie killing at an amusement park. Hopefully there's some dodgem cars and a ball pit in there somewhere as well.

To see the first shots of the new campaign, word that you'll get a katana in the game, footage of Left 4 Dead 1's upcoming DLC and Gabe Newell saying "no comment" a lot, hit the videos below.


    The more I see L4D2, the more I think "couldn't that have just been DLC? How does that warrant a totally new game...?". Sigh.

      The more I see these little burbling rants about l4d2 the more I want it.

      The majority of this whining I hear about the new l4d seems to be from people who either don't play the game or play very casually.

      Talk to anybody in an Aussie server about l4d2 and they're keen as mustard for some new campaigns and survivors.

      Approaching 200 hours of l4d and I feel I've got my money's worth much better then 90% of the crap I buy these days.
      Overlord II looking squarely at you.

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