Let's Compare PSP And PC Versions Of Erotic Game

ToHeart2 on the go! The PC erotic game is coming to the PlayStation Portable — minus the underpants.

Developed by Leaf, the game was originally released on the PlayStation 2. An adult 18-years-old-and-up version dubbed ToHeart2 XRATED was released in December 2005.

ToHeart2 is arriving back on the PlayStation platform with ToHeart2 Portable. How do the event scenes stack up to the adult PC version?

Sure, the more explicit stuff is gone, but it's some of the smaller changes that are most puzzling.

ToHeart2ポータブル その3 [タカ坊の小部屋 via はちま起稿]


    Do we have to guess which one is which?

    She's enjoying being groped while displaying very mild surprise in the other... thats... certainly puzzling I'll give you that.

    Well most people who would play this would have played the PC version already, so what would be the point in releasing the same game.

      Because some people like to play their erotic games on the bus on the way to/from work? Errr... in front of schoolkids and... ummm... little old ladies and... ummm... yeah.

      I'll just leave now.

    To think just a few years ago we were reading Playboy magazines on public transport...

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