Let's Look At Final Fantasy XIII Summon's Horsey Mode

Summon character Odin has been appearing in Final Fantasy games since FFIII. The summon returns for FFXIII, and he can only be summoned by character Lightning.

Here is a first look at Odin in his "Gestalt Mode" in which he transforms into a horse for Lightning to ride. Gitty-up!


    Gitty-up horsey indeed... I guess that looks better and far more fitting for the Summon than the Shiva twins turning into a motorcycle.

      I actually like the Shiva bike much better. It feels more creative.

      So the horse only have 4 legs? I would expect Odin to at least transform into Slephnir..

    I don't wanna sound like a smart-arse or anything, but her name is Lightning, not Lighting

    Only summoned by Lighting?
    I thought FF13 was bringing back changable character classes...I guess not:/

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