Let's Remember A Perfect, Immortal Machine

system-shock-2-picCommemorating the tenth anniversary of System Shock 2, as seen on Rock, Paper, Shotgun's The Girl Who Wanted To Be God.


    RIP Shodan. The only AI construct I ever loved.

    Still one of the best shooter/rpg hybrids ever made and towers above its 'spiritual successor' Bioshock. Heck, it even has 4 player co-op.

    Well Ben Shodan is not dead yet, so no need to be sad.

    I downloaded this game but it always crashed exactly at same point, like two minutes into it.

    great article. lots of grammatical errors but I guess the author was passionate and typing away as fast as possible

    That was one badly edited article (well, looked more like an essay actually) but a nice read nevertheless. Friggin awesome game, too bad it doesn't seem to agree with newer computers.

    What a coincidence! I stumbled on that same article on the author's website just a couple of weeks ago. A lengthy essay on exactly why an aberrant AI is the greatest videogame villainess (and quite possibly one of the best v.g. characters) of all time. Great reading.

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