Let's Take A Spin In The Halo Warthog

seamus-in-a-warthogDid you know the one and only real life replica Halo Warthog has been in Sydney? Let's check it out with erstwhile Kotaku AU editor, Seamus Byrne.

Seamus trekked over to Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour last week to see the Warthog in person. He touched it, he rode in it, he climbed up into the gunner's position... he even donned the Master Chief costume.

Fortunately he filmed all this so you can see it too.

I was out there on Thursday last week, but after my interview with Bungie and a quick play of Halo 3: ODST's Firefight mode, I had to rush to catch the last boat back. I missed out on riding in the Warthog.

Did anyone else make the trip?

Up close with Weta's Halo Warthog [Midnight Update]


    Oh look, it are Darren! :D

    I was at Sydney Harbour on Sunday but the trip to Cockatoo Island was too far.

    That was awesome. Shame about the video quality though.

    Yep I made it out there, was kick ass!

    Are the tyres Puma brand??

    Yeah i went and seen it on the 6th of August because i got invited to the VIP Halo 3: ODST party thing. It was awesome i got my photo taken with Curtis Creamer the producer of Halo 3: ODST and also with Ashley Jenkins.

    Uh... where is that interview with Bungie you mention?

      It's coming! Patience...

    Yea, i was there: ;)

    was awesome

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